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Over de keerzijde van grondstoffen, Mejudice, 2 juni 2013.

Landen met grondstoffen vaak slechter af, Volkskrant/Z24, 2 juni 2013.

Rohstoffboom in Botswana: Diamanten fuer die Armen, Spiegel Online, 2 juni 2013., Frankfurter Rundschau, 2009

Happy raising the pensionable age to 68, Tilburg Research Magazine, 2009. happy pension

Towards evidence-based reform of European universities. Vox, September 2008. With R. Veugelers.

Harnessing windfall revenue in developing economies. Vox, September 2008. With A.J. Venables.

European University must act together. SSRC Webpage Transformation of Public Universities,  12 September 2006. ssrc/european_universities

Affirmative action for Europe. Project Syndicate, 2005. With H. Mees project-syndicate French version L’Europe doit, a son tour, adopter un politique d’affirmative action in Le Monde, 7 February 2005.

Culture and the creative economy, in All That Dutch – International Cultural Politics, NAI Publishers, Rotterdam, 2005. SICA

Euro: d’abord la mefiance ensuite l’amour, De Gids, May/June 2004. De Gids FR

Convention on cultural diversity: A Trojan horse, Journal of Cultural Economics, 2004. cultural diversity

Debate on Dutch health care policies: an international perspective, SISWO, The Hague, 24 September 2004. SISWO Health Care Debate

The Management of the archeological heritage, presented at the EAC, 1999.

Against the basic income. Why basic income income proposals will not do the job, New Economy, 1996. With A.L. Bovenberg. BASICINC