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Macro-financial risks in the fight against global warming (2021). With Emanuele Campiglio. ssrn_3862256

On current and future carbon prices in a risky world (2021). With Stan Olijslagers and Sweder van Wijnbergen. cesifo /2021/9092 tinbergen

Behavioural responses determine political support for climate dividends (2021). With Armon Rezai and Miguel Tovar.

Optimal carbon pricing in general equilibrium revisited: temperature caps and stranded assets in an extended annual DSGE model (2021). See also CESifo Working Paper No. 8782 (2020). With Armon Rezai. cesifo/carbon-pricing

Do we still need carbon-intensive capital when transitioning to a green economy?, CESifo Working Paper No. 8745 (2020). With Wei Jin and Lin Zhang. transitioning-green

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Asset diversification versus climate action (2020). With Christoph Hambel and Holger Kraft. ssrn/sol3/id=3528239 ox/asset-pricing-and-decarbonization ceprdpno=14863 cesifo/2020/wp

Optimal development policies for resource-rich economies – Role of financial frictions and wealth inequalities (2020). With Richard Jaimes.

Carbon pricing under uncertainty: role of positive feedback (2020). With Gustavo Mellior.

Optimal pollution taxes, income redistribution and the need for education subsidies (revised 2019). With Diane Aubert.

Partisan cycles and natural resource management (2016). With Alex Schmitt.

Why are carbon taxes put off? Political economy of dithering (2016).

From Dutch disease to Dutch prudence: natural resource rents and fiscal sustainability in the Netherlands (2012). With T.S. van den Bremer and G. Schotten.