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Oil discoveries and protectionism (2019). With Fidel Perez-Sebastian and Ohad Raveh.

The risk-adjusted carbon price, R&R (2018). (Formerly Pricing carbon under economic and climatic risks: leading-order results from asymptotic analysis, 2017). With Ton van den Bremer. cepr=12642 oxcarrerp2018203

Policy tipping and stranded carbon assets, R&R (2018). (Formerly Climate policy and stranded assets: a financial perspective, presented at the pre-EARE conference on Climate Policy and Stranded Assets, 26-27 June, 2017, Athens). With Armon Rezai.  oxcarrerp2018206

Stranded assets, the social cost of carbon, and directed technical change: macro dynamics of optimal climate policy, CESifo Working Paper No. 5787 (2015). With Armon Rezai. CESifoWPwp_id=19195460 Updated version: oxcarrerp2016176

Race to burn the last ton of carbon and the risk of stranded assets (2016, revised 2017).                oxcarrerp2017201 wp-cesifo-2017-12/12012017006793

Why do so many oil exporters peg their currency? Foreign reserves as a de-facto sovereign wealth fund, presented at the conference Macroeconomic Challenges facing Low-Income Countries- New Perspectives, IMF and UK Aid, Washington, D.C. (2014). With Sam Wills. [ ]

Partisan cycles and natural resource management (2016). With Alex Schmitt.

Why are carbon taxes put off? Political economy of dithering (2016).

From Dutch disease to Dutch prudence: natural resource rents and fiscal sustainability in the Netherlands (2012). With T.S. van den Bremer and G. Schotten.